A man found Brady in a field. At the time, he
was thin, green- broke, and still a stallion. The man
thought Brady had beautiful markings, so he took
 him to the auction house to try to put some weight on him
and sell him for what he was.


                 Unfortunately beauty was not enough to complete a sale for

                Brady. He was considered a hard sell. Who would be willing to
                take on a green-broke stallion? He would require training from

                the ground up, patience, time, and love. Of course, let us not forget

                 he also needed to be gelded. The auction ended and Brady was
             left for the kill pen. We happened to see his photo online, posted

          with a message pleading to save his life before 2pm that Saturday.
      We instantly fell in love with this 15 hand Friesian Cross stallion, and

                                         rescued him from certain death.

Brady is now gelded, and making continuing progress with
his ground manners. He is very sweet and loves carrots.
He will stay in New Jersey on a property with beautiful
plentiful acreage, where he will continue with his
groundwork and be trained under saddle
for flat and over fences.


                                We rescued Islay Rose in November 2016.
                               We found her in an auction house photo
                              online. Isla is a Friesian Cross mare, 16 hands,
                            quiet, with Level 3 dressage training. She was
                          unwanted and up for auction, and we could not

                         pass her by. When inquired about her purchase, we

                   were told someone had already paid for her freedom.


We were relieved to know she had been saved! A day later, to our surprise, we were contacted and informed that her sale did not follow through and did we want her? How could we let this sweet girl go?


She arrived at Arline Acres with bright, kind, and thankful eyes
and gentle ground manners. She was lame in one of her hind legs
(why she was most likely unclaimed at auction), although she trots soundly and is a beautiful mover.

We even think she counts by pawing her front leg.
If you ask, how many carrots would you like? She

will paw 3 times. When asked a second time,
she will always increase by 1!
Such a smart girl!


Liberty’s sad story is one we have heard
               many times over. He worked at a summer camp.

                  Unfortunately, when summer turns to fall, the
                  kids go home, and so their nightmare begins.
                           Liberty had become a useless expense to the camp.
                   Because the camp owners no longer needed him,
             they dumped him. No one bothered to feed him
                wherever he was dumped. He was then sold to the
                         auction house. Arrival at an auction house heading into
the fall usually results in no sale… and the kill pen.
Thankfully, we were able to rescue him. We named him Liberty,
because we had liberated him from certain death.


He arrived in New Jersey at Arline Acres along with Brady.
                  Liberty was skin and bone. He had suffered muscle tissue
damage on one side of his neck. No one had cared for his feet,
which were chipped and cracked.  And he was starving.

 Liberty put on a healthy weight at Arline Acres,
and his feet were comfortably trimmed and shod.

He arrived at Getner Barn in the Fall 2016 and
settled in at his new forever home.

Our Rescues


To provide horses with a second chance while giving underprivileged children a first chance to experience the benefits of horses through equine rescue, education, horse care and practical riding experience.