Our Founder



I was ten years old when my destiny flashed before my eye
in the form a bay horse in a movie called International Velvet.
In the time it took to watch that movie I knew two things. I was going to
ride horses and own a bay horse. It took me two more years of begging to get
riding lessons. My parents at the time could not afford such luxuries but that

meant little to me. My begging never stopped.  So my mother took money out of
the food budget and I started to take lessons. I had one lesson a week and the rest of my riding time was earned as I worked at the stable. Barn rats we were called, the young girls that volunteered at the stable and for our efforts we got a horse to ride.
I spent that next summer babysitting 3 days a week and working at the barn the

 rest of the days. I would come home dirty, tired and so very happy. 
I was one of the lucky ones.


Now, thirty years later, and a few horses of my own, I am finally moving
forward on a dream of my own. That dream has always been to share my
love of horses with others. I wonder how many children would love to ride
and will never get a chance or how many children don’t even know
about all the wonders of horses. So, I pulled my horse loving
friends together and I started an organization dedicated to
sharing our love of horses with children.




To provide horses with a second chance while giving underprivileged children a first chance to experience the benefits of horses through equine rescue, education, horse care and practical riding experience.