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Thank you for your interest in Wishes for Horses. We are a non-profit 501 (3) c group set up to help underprivileged children have a horseback riding experience and to further the education of children in public schools.

Our group is run with all volunteers that have dedicated their time to help these children enjoy the animals we so love. We offer scholarships to children who could not otherwise afford riding lessons. The scholarships are based on financial need. The State of Connecticut has set up income guidelines that the public schools use to determine if a child is in need of aid such as free lunch. We use the same income guidelines to determine a child's financial need. There are two scholarships available a full scholarship or a partial scholarship; both are based on these guidelines.

There is a three page application each applicant is asked to fill out. Each child must compose an essay stating why they wish to ride horses. We will also be working closely with the school guidance counselors and teachers to help recognize children who can benefit from the program. Each application, essay and recommendation will be placed in front of the board that will have the final vote of how the funds will be distributed. We are hoping to raise enough money that all the children who are interested in riding will have a chance to join our program.

We are offering two programs at this time. In the first program each child will receive 9 half hour riding lessons and 3 hours of general horse care lessons over a three month session. This program will cost $600 per child. The second program is a full week of horse camp which will give a child 30 hours of intense horseback riding and horse care. This program will cost $400 per child.

We are also piloting a program at Brookside Elementary School in Norwalk where we go into the school to teach an educational program on horses and plan to be able to give all the children in this program books and educational material to take home with them. We are estimating the funding for this program will
cost around $500 depending on
material, books and hand-outs.

We are presently trying to raise
money through grants, individual
and corporate
donations, and fund
raising to help as many children
as possible enjoy these amazing animals.

All donations are tax deductable.


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