Starts June 15th through August 17th, 2020


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LESSON PROGRAM Our lesson program at Getner Barn teaches both Horsemanship and Riding. The only way to truly enjoy these animals is to understand them from care to riding. The lessons emphasize this while being taught in a friendly, familiar, and stress-free environment.


All lessons are tailored to the ability and desire of the student. This is done to maximize the enjoyment of horses, and to minimize the fear. The lessons are taught in a variety of disciplines with emphasis on English Equitation. For those interested, we offer programs tailored for show.


PAYMENTS Payment for the lessons must be made at the first lesson of the month. When your regular lesson time has five weeks in the month, multiply the amount due by five instead of four. Please enclose your payments in an envelope with your name printed on it at the first lesson of

every month.


Download Lessons Forms


LESSON POLICY The lessons are purchased
at the beginning of each month. Any lesson
cancelled with 8 hours prior notice or due to
weather conditions, is considered a make-up.
If your lesson is not canceled within 24 hours prior
notice, it will not be considered a make-up. Make-up lessons cannot be exchanged for regularly scheduled lessons. There are times set aside for make-up lessons. Please call Michelle to schedule a time. Make-up lessons need to be made-up before 30 days.


EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO RIDE All students should wear long pants. We prefer jodhpurs, chaps or riding pants. You must have a boot with a heel and no rubber edging. You will not be able to ride the horses without  boots called "paddock boots". Gloves make riding more comfortable but they are not required. All riders must
wear an ASTM/ SEI approved

helmet with a chinstrap. 
You should come with
your own properly fitted