Starts June 15th through August 17th, 2020


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PONY RIDES Often times we are asked to teach lessons to younger children or siblings of our riders. We came up with an affordable options for younger children who wish to ride but could not take a full lesson.

Pony Rides are for children five and under.  If they are six or older they will need to take a lesson.  If they wish to learn how to trot they will need to take a lesson.

Our pony rides run between 15 and 20 minutes. It will include a lead line riding lesson in our arena by a junior instructor and some horse care or knowledge for our little students.

Rides are booked at times when we don't have normal lessons. This is mainly Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We also provide rain dates.


Cost is $25.00

WHAT TO WEAR All children should wear
long pants and boots or sneakers. They should
dress appropriately knowing they will get
somewhat dirty. Meet our horses via the website
before coming to the barn!