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Crescent Blue Moon is a 6-year-old Quarter horse who came out of the bloodline Dash For Cash, one of the biggest well-known stallions in Quarter Horse racing.  Moon was never destined to run with her sweet, kind, and caring personality. By the age of 4 years her health and well-being were not prospering and she faced euthanasia.  Miraculously she was rescued from Texas and spent two years recovering at Arline Acres, a farm in New Jersey where our other rescues reside for training and recovery.  She has had over 20 hours in mounted police horse training as well as intense training through Arline Acres.
We knew she would be great asset to our program. In addition to her beauty, she has one of the most down
                                    to earth and quiet personalities. 
                                         She came into the Barn in the
                                                           spring of 2018 where
                                                            she became life long
                                                         friends with Cliff, our
                                                       off track thoroughbred,
                                                      who looks just like her.
                                                     She has been teaching
                                                    both lessons and camp. 
                                                   She is a true doll.