Starts June 15th through August 17th, 2020


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                                  I came to Getner Barn in the Spring of

                                   1996. It was a great little barn for me

                                     to join after recovering from a major

                                      car accident. Family oriented,

                                       welcoming and go at your own

                                         pace, I became an after school

                                          riding instructor which turned

                                            into my summer job during my

                                             college years. After graduating

                                              from Beaver College I could not

                                             leave the Barn and kept on

                                  working there even if it was only part

                   time. My love for Getner Barn, the horses and
the people who helped keep that place going continued to grow. I saw what our staff and our horses provided to our community... a chance to pursue a childhood dream, teaching kids responsibility and commitment, improving social and motor skills for children who have special needs, a bonding opportunity for mother and daughter, a chance for the less wealthy to enjoy this luxury sport, a place for curious teens to stay out of trouble. I decided I wanted to continue to be a part of this special place. I love watching Getner Barn grow and take on new events and challenges. I love seeing how kids as

well as the adult riders become so connected with their four

         legged companion whether they be on their backs or on

          the ground. I look forward to seeing new faces as the

          years progress. So come on over and ride with us!
           I know you'll be happy!