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Liberty caught our eye as an older flashy black
and white paint.  He was listed as gentle and
quiet, carrying children safely around the ring
at a summer camp. This described the horse that
did not sell the night before at auction and was
headed for the kill pen. We immediately “liberated”
him from this dreadful fate and named him Liberty. 
We purchased Brady on the same day. If we did not purchase them in the next 24 hours they would have been shipped out for slaughter.

Liberty was skin and bones when we purchased him sight unseen.  He suffered muscle tissue damage on one side of his neck; his feet were chipped and cracked.
He had arthritis that was left untreated and is now        
        being properly managed. He was starving and sad.
                         He was brought him to Arline Acres 
                         where he recovered before joining us at
                         Getner Barn. Today, he is a fan favorite
                         at the barn teaching many of the
                         beginner children how to ride. You
                         most often see him, with his eye
                         catching coloring, loose walking
                         around our fields.