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Hildbrand Far Fjildsicht, affectionately
known as Hillie, is a Friesian gelding who
was bred by the famous Friesian breeder,
W. Wijbenga in the Netherlands. He was
purchased by Deb and Scott Thomas, of
Fabled Friesians, when he was two-years old.
There he was trained and shown as a level one
dressage horse. He is an IFSHA National and Grand Champion in the Hunter Division. He is a very
athletic and multi-talented horse.


Through a mutual friend, I met with the Thomases
not long after Hildbrand was retired from the
show ring. He had developed Uveitis, Moon
Blindness, and went blind in the right eye. The eye
was later removed as it had become painful. He
was still being ridden, but spent most of his time
babysitting the young Friesians on the farm.


I had wanted a Friesian for the past thirty years, but
never dreamed we’d be lucky enough to get such a
great guy. Since we had a mutual friend, the
Thomases were comfortable with letting Hillie come
home with me, where he still has a lot left to do.