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COVID-19 Safety Protocol For Getner Barn


Parents should drop off riders at gate and wait in vehicles.
We would like to keep the number of people on the property to a minimum.

All riders should have their own equipment (helmet, boots and gloves). 
We are not loaning out equipment.

Riders must wear gloves at all times.

If you feel sick or under the weather, please stay home and we will reschedule your lesson.


Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols are thus so.
Riders will enter the barn from the top gate and head down to the ring. 
Riders should have their own helmet, boots and riding gloves.
 These items are a must as we will not be loaning out equipment at this time. Bike and ski helmets
are not acceptable. Items can be purchased at Dover Saddlery 
Please purchase these approved items in time for your riding lesson time. 
If you do not have the proper equipment, the lesson will be postponed.


Instructors and riders on the premises will wear a mask until horses have been mounted and stirrups adjusted. When a safe distance can be maintained, instructors and riders can remove their mask by sliding down their face below their chin. When the lesson is finished, the rider will exit the ring and exit the property. Parents please make sure to pick up your rider as soon as their lesson has finished. If parents wish to stay and wait,
they must remain in their vehicles to limit the number of people on the property at once.


The riding equipment will be cleaned after each use.


We will re-evaluate our structure as we push forward in the coming weeks.