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Cliff Diver was born April 13, 2007. He was born at Akindale Farm in Pawling, NY and sold as a yearling to a racetrack trainer. His great, great, great grandfather is Secretariat. During his training he broke
his leg and the vet determined he would
not be able to race again. They questioned
whether he would even heal. Cliff was
going to be euthanized but the trainer
found him a home with a young woman
who didn’t want to give up on Cliff. She
nursed him and his broken leg healed.
When she became pregnant it was not 
possible to keep him so he ended up at
Akindale again.


Cliff is an amazingly sweet and quiet boy. 
Due to a pre-existing condition he will be a flat only
horse (no jumping). Cliff has been a great asset to our program and he will help create many great riders.