Starts June 15th through August 17th, 2020


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BIRTHDAY PARTIES Getner Barn offers 2 types of parties, a typical party and a trail ride party. The type of party is based on the child’s age and the number of kids who want to ride.

Our typical party is for 8 children and it runs about 1½ - 2 hours. The cost of this party is $375.00. You will have two
horses (ponies) we will walk around the ring. If you have
more kids there is an extra $20.00 charge per child due to extra staffing.

The party starts with ½ hour of horse care and handling. Then we break into 2 groups for the next hour where ½ will ride a horse in the ring with a handler or work on a horse care booklet that we provide. Then the groups will switch. You are welcome to bring a small craft for the kids to do at this time. When this is completed you then have time for cupcakes or cake. We find that in the barn setting cupcakes, juice boxes, and bagged snacks work the best.

All children must have a
signed permission form to ride the horses and join parents at the barn.



We book parties at times when we don't have 
normal lessons. This is mainly Saturday and 
Sunday afternoons. We also provide rain dates.

The trail ride party is for older children with less
guests at the party. The maximum is four children
(maybe five if they know how to ride). Instead of
being lead by an instructor, the kids go for a trail ride.
The cost is the same.

WHAT TO BRING You can bring a few balloons but they must stay at the end of the driveway at Richards Ave.
They cannot come towards the barn because they scare the horses. Amazon has a great book by John Green (by Dover) called - My Horse for $5.00. This makes a great book to work on during the party and a great party favor. Dover makes a few of these types of books. Oriental Trading has an entire line of horse party supplies that are great. You will need a table cloth for our rectangular table because these tables are used during camp for crafts and are often very colorful.

WHAT TO WEAR All children should wear long pants and boots or sneakers. They should dress appropriately knowing they will get somewhat dirty. Meet our horses via the website before coming to the barn!

Download Birthday Party
Booking & Permission Forms